Wednesday, August 03, 2005

hello internet

This is my first step towards jumping on this whole blogging bandwagon thig people have been yapping about. The purpose of this blog is to provide some insight into the goings on of my life for those interested.

--Why is my life interesting?

Well it really isn't right now, other then an astoundingly beautiful girlfriend I am a faily typical recent college graduate who is about to leave the security of their parents basement for what I hear is the real world. The interesting thing is that for me the real world is in the Chinese city of Nanjing where I will be working as an art teacher at a preschool. I am going far out of my comfort zone and away from my loved ones to spend the next 10 months teaching art of small children on the other side of the planet. On this blog you will be able to come along with me and share some of my experiences in this rapidly developing superpower. In the weeks leading up to my departure for China I will update this blog and tell you more about myself, my family, and other figures of importance in my life.



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