Sunday, August 07, 2005

My LIfe in Delaware

So I am of course still here in the beautiful and scenic DelMarVa peninsula with the love of my life and a good portion of her immediate familia. Our efforts to copulate were hindered by the fact that I am both afraid of her parents wrath and I respect their policy towards shennanigans under their roof.

We went to the beach yesterday and today and I am stunned by the beauty of this seashore and the quality of the people who choose to visit this scenic little bit of paridise on the mid-atlantic. Brenna saw a t-shirt the other day that read "Paris, Rome, London, Bethany" truer words are seldom inscribed on a pastel t-shirt, for Bethany Beach truly is the Paris of Delaware.

Also for those who would consider it their business my attempts to find free internet have failed, there does not seem to be a single free "hot spot" in Bethany and I have resigned myself to paying for this internet but at least I can solace in the fact that I did so using my moms credit card, ZING!

-Rob out-


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