Sunday, August 21, 2005

this much I know is true

That I have never in my life had never met anyone who can light up a room just with their pressence like you can. I have never felt anything that was as universally good and pure as I do about you. I do not exactly know how I will be able to function without you, but I know that I will, and I know that we will still be something when I get back. There is only one thing about which I am absolutely certain and that is you, and my feelings for you, and the greatness of what he have had and what we will have. All the pain I am feeling right now is a small drop in the ocean compared with all of the happiness which I have gotten from our relationship, and all of the hurt only serves to remind me of how much I still love you and how wonderful it will be when we are together again. I did not even know it, but I was searching for you all my life, and now that I have found you it will take more then a planet between us for this wonderful amazing thing we have to end.




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